Are you ready to RUMBLE?


Are you ready to RUMBLE?

Are you ready to RUMBLE?

If you’re into sports, chances are you’ve heard about RUMBLE, a type of group workout that comes in as an explosive cocktail of HIIT, strength training & cardio exercises that will stimulate both your body and mind. You can also think of it as the next level of boxing.

RUMBLE uses special teardrop-shaped punching bags filled with water that are softer on your joints, which will prevent your wrists and knuckles from aching or from possible injuries. And there’s another catch to this: the softer impact with the punching bag will actually make you punch harder and push your limits.

A unique combination of boxing & strength training ideal for women training

What’s really special about RUMBLE training is that it combines intense punching sessions with rounds of cardio that will keep your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. Even if sounds like a pretty tough workout, you’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually ideal for women training. RUMBLE offers a total body workout, strengthening your core & toning your butt and it requires ZERO experience with boxing or any similar type of workout.

This type of workout became very popular in London, New York and other big cities around the world ..and now it’s also available in Bucharest. Yes, you’ve heard it right: RUMBLE classes are on the menu at Beat45 and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

What should you expect from a RUMBLE class at Beat45?

First of all, do not worry if you’ve never put a pair of boxing gloves on. No previous boxing experience is required, so anybody willing to try it out can join. Our awesome RUMBLE trainers will guide you every step so you’ll get the most out of this incredible type of workout.

All RUMBLE classes at Beat45 start with a group warm-up followed by 45 minutes of intense punching, running and cardio exercises. The engaging beats and vibrant lights will keep you punching like a pro throughout your workout.

Rumble workout is social, fun and it’s a proven stress reliever. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you come over and give it a try?


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